Humans and Foxes

Humans and Foxes Index

  • Foxes and Humans
    Most people aren’t willing to share their land with the fox. They have moved into locations though that once belonged to these animals.
  • Foxes in Captivity
    The fox is a highly adaptable animal, so they have no trouble at all living in captivity. The life for one in the wild can be over in just a couple of years, but some have been known to survive for more than a decade.
  • Foxes in Culture
    The fox is well known out there in popular culture. In many stories they are said to be evil forces that work with the supernatural.
  • Fox Hunting
    Fox hunting has been done for many reasons. In some areas it is for sport, it may be to get their beautiful fur coats, and it may be just to get them out of a given area.
  • Fox Conservation Efforts
    Even though the fox is able to adapt to lots of environments, there is only so much they can be expected to conform to. This is why there are concerns about their future.

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