Foxes and Humans

Fox and Human Relationship

Most people aren’t willing to share their land with the fox. They have moved into locations though that once belonged to these animals. The fox is able to adapt to change but that doesn’t mean they are going to just go away because humans are around. The fox is know to consume small domestic pets as well as to get into the trash. Therefore they are often considered to be a nuisance by many humans.

There are many different types of disease that the fox can contract. In fact, this is one of the biggest causes of death for them. Many humans are afraid of them coming around because they don’t want to get a disease or for their pets to be exposed to them. A fox can do plenty of destruction to a vegetable garden as well. After spending time to plant everything this can be very upsetting.

The night time sounds from the fox, especially during mating season, can be scary for humans. Many people aren’t sure what they are hearing. They can be kept awake too by the sounds and no one does well in the morning when their sleep has been interrupted. For those that are farming, raising chickens can be difficult with the fox around. This is one of their favorite meals and they will come around to get what they can time and time again.

However, some in the world of agriculture actually welcome the fox. You see, their biggest pest is the rabbit and the fox consumes them. They incur far less damages from the fox than from the many rabbits that would be around without them to feed on them. However, this is one of the few times when they do seem to get a positive response from humans.

There are plenty of times out there in cultures around the world when the fox is viewed as one who is deceitful, evil, and can’t be trusted. When that type of message is part of the human mindset it can be very upsetting to have the fox around. The fact that there is so much false information out there about the fox is a big part of the problem.

Due to the fact that so many roads are built through the natural habitat of the fox, a large number of them are killed annually when they are struck by cars. Since these animals are out at night and they are well hidden in the dark, a driver isn’t able to see them until it is too late. In many areas, more than half of the animal deaths of the fox are due to these types of accidents.

Most humans find it acceptable to trap the fox and relocate them to new environments. Yet this can be a very expensive and time consuming process. There is also nothing stopping other fox from moving into that same territory so the cycle never ends. Hunting is legal in many areas to help with the control of fox populations in particular regions.

Even though it may see that people don’t like the fox, there are many people out there in awe of them. They have never seen one in the wild or they have seen one in a zoo setting. They don’t live in areas where the fox is found but they do know about it. They are interested in finding out much more about them.

Finding a balance in the world for the fox and humans can be very difficult. There are many sides to this particular story. However, the fox is trying to do one thing – that is to ultimately survive. To do so, it has to find a habitat that offers it shelter and food. This may not always be the places where humans would like for them to reside.

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