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  • Fox Habitat
    The fox is extremely versatile when it comes to the environment where they live. They are found throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Fox Feeding
    Many people believe that the fox is a carnivore but they aren’t. Instead, they are omnivores as they will consume just about anything.
  • Fox Distribution
    The distribution areas for the fox are quite remarkable, and that is why they have a legacy out there like no other animal has. They are found throughout areas of North America.
  • Fox Anatomy
    The body of a fox is build to offer it strength and speed. They are very slender animals with a long nose and pointed ears. Looking at these canines you wouldn’t expect them to have such characteristics.
  • Fox Reproduction
    Even though the fox doesn’t live in a pack, they will find each other when it is time for mating. What is very interesting is that once a pair have mated they will continue to do so every year afterwards until one of them die.
  • Fox Predators
    The fox may be fast and have great senses, but that doesn’t mean they don’t become prey themselves. There are a variety of different predators that find them to be a nice meal.
  • Fox Claws
    Fox claws are by far one of the most fascinating features of these little creatures. Whether we are talking about the retractable claws some foxes have to stay still claws perfect for hunting and catching pray, foxes have them all!
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