Foxes in Culture

Foxes in Popular Culture

The fox is well known out there in popular culture. In many stories they are said to be evil forces that work with the supernatural. The fact that the fox is fast, swift, and comes out at night plays a vital role in these early stories. In other cultures the fox is a symbol of strength, power, and speed. That is why it is often celebrated in paintings and ceremonial rituals.

The wide white lines in the sky that often appear were believed to be the result of the fox running at the speed of lightening. The white streaks were believed to have been left behind by the movement of the fox tail. This lead to the concept of shape shifting and its connection to the fox.

There are many historical pieces of literature out there that features the fox. They include Aesop’s Fables and Canterbury Tales. There is an epic poem out there called Reynard the Fox. The Bible has many references throughout it about the fox too. Some children’s stories have a fox in them including Chicken Little, The Little Red Hen, Mr. Fox. In some of these stories the fox is portrayed as deceitful and tricking other characters. In others though he is portrayed as an outstanding role model to be admired.

The term fox is often used to describe a woman that looks gorgeous. This is used in many cultures out there by various generations. Even if it isn’t readily used now as much as in the past, anyone hearing it certainly does know what the meaning behind it happens to be. Due to the speed associated with the fox, there are several vehicles out there named after it. This includes the Volkswagen Urban Fox and the Audi Fox. There is even a Fox car rental company in the Western United States.

One of the most delightful Disney movies is the Fox and the Hound. This is story of a friendship that grows when a young fox is raised by an elderly lady. When he is released into the wild he is hunted by a man and a dog. That dog was his friend when they were younger. The fox doesn’t understand why they can no longer be friends.

However, in the end their friendship proves to be stronger than what nature has decided about a dog and a fox not supposed to like each other. There is plenty of moments in the movie that will steal the heart of both young and old. Disney also used the character of a fox in its animated portrayal of Robin Hood.

The use of it was to show the fox as being smarter than those after it. This production was very well received and continues to be one of the best selling Disney productions. Ironically, it is one that almost didn’t get produced as many didn’t think the use of the fox in it was a good idea.

The story of the fox and the crow is one that is well known. It doesn’t shed good light on the fox though. Instead, it spins the tale of the fox being clever enough to sweet talk the crow. The crow had a slice of cheese in its mouth and when the crow talked to the fox the cheese fell and the fox ate it. The sly fox got what he wanted and walked away leaving the crow with nothing.

The fox has been a part of popular culture since the beginning of time. It continues to have significant meaning – both for good and for bad – out there in different cultures. It is exciting to explore the different connections that it has. Some of them are brand new but many of them are very timeless.

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