Fox Hunting

Fox Poaching

Fox hunting has been done for many reasons. In some areas it is for sport, it may be to get their beautiful fur coats, and it may be just to get them out of a given area. It is legal at times to hunt for the fox but only in give areas and during the winter time. There is a specific hunting season in place. The purpose of this is to keep the fox from becoming too populated in those areas.

It is a known fact that they can quickly take over an area due to their ability to adjust to different living conditions. They are able to live in various types of habitats. They also can consume just about anything for food. With specific hunting in place, it helps to keep the populations at a decent size. Then the animals won’t be fighting for the food and for the territory that is available to them.

Fox hunting does take place all year long though in spite of the laws that are in place. Many hunters violate the laws in order to enjoy the sport or to make money. They know it is extremely difficult for the laws to be enforced so they do it. When they are hunting the fox on private land it is hard for the law to even find out about it. They also do it in isolated areas where there aren’t other people around to report the incidents.

This type of poaching is often done in order to make money from the fur coat of the fox. In the past, this was more common than it is today. Fox furs sold for premium amounts so for those hunting them illegally they were able to make a great deal of money. That was the incentive and the motivation around doing so. Today, society often frowns upon those that wear fur coats instead of being in awe of them.

As a result, there isn’t very much of a demand for them anymore. When the fox fur coats aren’t selling for very much money, those taking part in the poaching don’t find it to be worth their time or the risk to take part in it. Animal right groups are very happy with this and they continue to try to educate people against wearing clothing made from the fox or other animals.

Fox hunting often takes place due to the fact that humans don’t want to have these animals in their territory. Humans continue to build homes and businesses in areas that were once open to the fox. Yet the animals didn’t move on, instead they just continue to survive in the same locations.

The fox will get into trash and into gardens where humans are growing food. They will also kill chickens and livestock in order to have food to survive. All of these issues have made the fox an enemy in the eyes of humans that live in these areas. They aren’t willing to compromise or to try to live in harmony with the fox.

They use a variety of methods to hunt them in these locations. They include using guns to kill them and traps to capture them. Those that are trapped may be killed or they may be relocated to other environments. The use of poison is a common method for hunting them as well.

In spite of all of the hunting efforts out there, the fox seems to be thriving in the majority of environments out there. They continue to have a large enough population overall that they will very likely be an animal around for a very long time.

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